Petroleum & Gas Products Supplier

STAVNEFT REFINERY is an independent integrated company incorporated in accordance to the Decree of the Russia Federation. The Company was grouped among the leading oil producing and exporting refinery in recent years and worn several awards.  

The company works with many Russian producers on direct contracts, allowing smoothly to provide the desired volume and range of products supplied and delivery of petroleum products with improved environmental properties that meet the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the city, as well as the current Russian standards.

24/7 Customer Service.

+7 929 597 7754

Best Service in Industry

Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee high quality of petroleum and gas products that we supply globally! Since 1997, we have been in full cooperation with the largest companies and laboratories in the country, so our Buyers, if desired, have a unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently carry out further analysis of the acquired oil.

Qualified Expert

STAVNEFT REFINERY has been complemented by several organizations with long-lasting experience in the areas of Oil & Gas, mainly in engineering, refining and trading.

Affordable Package

STAVNEFT REFINERY have a deep understanding of the challenges the oil and gas sector is facing, such as pressures on cost and stricter health and safety regulations, and we support you with a wide range of local and global solutions

Schedule Productions

In line with its main investment and business objectives, we are currently establishing a 200,000 barrel per day modular crude oil refinery plant on the basis of a full-fledged techno-economic feasibility study.

Workmanship Quality

Our in-depth knowledge of the Oil and Gas productions, added to the skills and experience of the Boards and Management team, features the ideal blend to develop modular for well refined products

Quality Professionals

The management team is supported by a reputable Board of Directors and Advisors with backgrounds and profound track-records in Finance and Oil & Gas related projects.

Major Expansion

The output of the refinery shall meet a growing demand for refined products expected to develop from a major expansion of the mining industry.

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