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We attach great importance to improving the quality of customer service, expanding the range of products and increasing customer loyalty; in order to achieve this, we continue to increase sales of high quality gasoline and diesel fuel that meet modern European environmental and quality standards. 

increase production

As part of its strategy to increase sales margins in 2019, STAVNEFT REFINERY increased retail sales of petroleum products by 33%, which is 1.4 million tonnes. The share of retail sales in total domestic sales increased from 11% to 13%.

New Oil wells

In 2019, STAVNEFT REFINERY drilled 12 finely divided wells (MSW) and 9 of these wells were put into operation for oil production (oil production amounted to 9.863 thousand tons). The average productivity was 6.7 tons per day.

More accreditation

In order to create additional sales channels for petroleum products and ensure the transparency of relevant information, STAVNEFT REFINERY received accreditation as a participant in commodity exchanges.

Commercial Operation

Since STAVNEFT REFINERY began the commercial operation of its 1st oil refinery with a capacity of 90,000 barrels / day in 1990, it has expanded facilities on two occasions, and today, STAVNEFT REFINERY is a large oil refining company with a refining capacity of 669,000 barrels / day.

STAVNEFT REFINERY has been operating its Bunker-C Cracking Center (BCC), which is a large upgradability facility for replacement and low sulfurization of all products that actively respond to change in market conditions, such as environment regulation strengthening and product consumption, increase of hard oil in the local and overseas market since the 1990s, ahead of other oil refinery companies. The BCC extracts expensive hard oil from inexpensive high-sulfur bunker-C, and changed the history of oil refinery industry by changing from the local oil refinery industry of the past that was only acknowledged as a simple production company, to a high-value exportation industry.

Refined Crude Oil Processing

STAVNEFT REFINERY reformed its crude oil refining process and built its 2nd Xylene center that produces Para-Xylene, which is the base material of compound fiber, in April 2011. Subsequently, the 2nd Aromatic Complex composed of the aromatic facility that produces BTX was completed. Through the operation of this facility, STAVNEFT REFINERY possessed the best competiveness in the petro-chemistry area, following the lubricant area and oil refining area, while simultaneously possessing a 600,000 ton Benzene production facility and 1.85 million ton Para-Xylene production facility.

STAVNEFT REFINERY did not stop here, and is promoting entrance to the Olefin Downstream Business through its RUC / ODC Project. The successful completion of RUC / ODC aimed for 2018 will provide the groundwork for a vision of STAVNEFT REFINERY as ‘The most competitive and admired energy & chemical company in Asia Pacific’ along with expansion in the petro-chemistry area.

competitiveness in petro-chemistry

For continuous growth, STAVNEFT REFINERY put effort into increasing the value of manufactured products. As a result, by commercially operating the BTX production facility and Naphtha Reforming Plant in April 1991, a base for business diversification in the petro-chemistry area was provided. Also, for the single process within existing factory land in December 1997, the Xylene Center that produces Para-Xylene of 700,000 tons (currently 740,000 tons) was completed and the company officially entered the petro-chemistry area. In particular, this factory did not only reduce the investment burden per unit, but the petro-chemical products from the BTX process were Para-Xylene, which has high competitiveness from the perspective of material fees.

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